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The Artist

Colorado native and Boulder based artist, Julie Maren, originally began her career as a painter and stone carver. However, her desired to combine the two and blur the boundaries of both led to an intense period of experimentation known around her home as “The Emergency.” During this time, she cut up her paintings with a jigsaw to reconfigured them into large dimensional collages, took up ceramics, and began experimenting with filling acorn caps with paint. Ultimately, this journey led her to the wall based installations she is now focused on creating. As an artist, Maren is driven by materials and experimentation, color and pattern, microscopic and macroscopic perspectives and creating depth, both dimensional and illusionary. Loose narratives are often woven throughout her works, expressed through color and her unique vocabulary of imagery and symbolism.

Julie Maren received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her artwork is exhibited in the U.S. and abroad, and is part of worldwide private and corporate collections. She has illustrated two children's books, "Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa" and "An Orange in January," both for Dial/Penguin Books, received major grants from the Colorado Commission on the Arts and the Boulder Art's Commission. Her sculptural work was commissioned for Boulder's Pearl Street pedestrian mall and she has attended sculpture symposiums in Wellington, New Zealand, Bangalore, India and Marble, Colorado. Maren also co-founded "The Women's Art League" is featured in a short film with Judy Chicago, "The Famous Women Dinner Service: In Conversation with Contemporary Art,” by the Yale Center for British Art, filmed the Brooklyn Museum.

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