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Sculpture and Bas Relief Stone Carving

Site Specific Stone Sculpture

My site specific sculptures are set in nature, without pedestals. They are inspired by stone cairns, the stacked stone on a path that indicate direction or honor a location. I am interested in creating work that similarly integrates with and is in conversation with its surroundings. I am also drawn to the contrast of natural, rough stone with carved surfaces.

Included in this series are pieces from symposiums that I attended in Wellington, New Zealand, Bengalore, India and Marble, Colorado 

Am I at home? Wrapped in mohair, eaten by moths. Wanting to dream. Porous, bathed in milk. A spoonful of sugar, forever pouring. Enclosed, embedded, enbalmed. A pony, a memory, a ghost. This language of my being is only a house. I can walk away from it.

This series was shown at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA) in 2000. Materials include marble, milk, mohair, photo, feathers, resin, plaster, wax, lace, teacup, key, toy gun, and toy horse.