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Simultaneously a monsoon of rain reflecting a blue sky and a multitude of tear drops cascading. This piece is a response to our warming planet and the fires that ravage it. Every year, smoke obscures the bright blue Western sky, which added a particularly apocalyptic air to an already intense 2020, when “Blue Monsoon” was created. Made of clay and hope, this is a devotional piece to Mother Nature—a prayer for rain. Each hand-painted ceramic drop, embossed with lace patterns, an offering. Lace is complex, intricate and intimate, like out thoughts and our most personal appeals to that which is greater than ourselves, be it nature or deity, when the world feels like it is burning and a global pandemic is raging. The bright blue sky, a symbol of optimism, offers tranquility, reflecting back hope and healing for the planet.

"Blue Monsoon," on view at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, "Iris Blue Each Spring" two person exhibition with Janna Watson 6 June - 16 July, 2020

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