Silver Linings

Just as Covid brings great uncertainty to all of our futures, it has also compelled us to look for the positive sides of these difficult times, the silver linings, however small they may be. This pandemic brings us inward, physically and psychologically—and it also offers us the opportunity to look inside and reflect upon what is truly important in life. 


“Silver Linings” invites the viewer to do just that, through the use of materials and arrangement. Mica, with its reflective surface, provides a mirror. The mineral’s delicate, layered construction suggests the fragility of life—similarly echoed in the cloud-like formation of the installation. The transparency of mica allows the circular lines, like enlarged fingerprints, or nebula to appear within the shadows, along with pinhole patterns that let through light, as a gentle reminder of hope. 


All rights reserved © 2020 by Julie Maren

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