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I approach textile design with my fine artist sensibilities—by creating unique and innovative patterns and compositions, meaningful motifs and distinctive color ways for both prints and knits. As a long time Smartwool designer, my patterns became best sellers and have proven successful for the company. 

Smartwool, Women's Gallery Designer Collection

Smartwool, known for their soft and washable Merino wool socks, accessories and clothes invited me to be the first artist in their inaugural “Gallery" collection. I designed socks and accessories for the Fall 2008, Spring 2009 and Fall 2010 seasons based on my artwork. The collaboration was a natural fit and I continued to freelance for Smartwool for a decade. My designs have been successful for the company and several have become their best sellers. The following are the gallery series for 2008 and 2010.


This is a sampling of my knitwear designs for the Smartwool Company. 


ÉSTAINE was born out of a passion to utilize fashion as a medium for cancer education and patient support. All ÉSTAINE accessories are made of 100% silk, in Como, Italy alongside most luxurious of brands.


I designed both a wreath (scarf) and a garland (twilly) of flowers used in cancer treatment: Broccoli, Camptotheca, Catharanthus (Periwinkle), Podophyllum, Yew, Azadirachta Indica (Neem), Camellia Sinensis, Turmeric. The petals are filled with the colors and patterns of various dyes and markers used in cancer diagnosis.

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